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You really did a great work here and I am enjoying your software very much
Mert V., Germany
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Learn Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, read and write hanzi easily

A simple and efficient software to read Chinese texts and learn Chinese vocabulary
Download the trial version and discover Learn Chinese 2008 for free !

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    A unique approach to learning Chinese

  • Quizzes, exercises and games
  • Reading assistant for Chinese texts
  • Includes many vocabulary lists
  • Pinyin, translation, animated characters with stroke order
  • Pronunciation for all characters

Compare the features of the Classic and Advanced versions

Suitable for any situation

  • Are you a student willing to pass your Chinese language exams (HSK)?
  • Do you have to assimilate basic Chinese very fast for business reasons?
  • Do you expect to travel in China and/or discover the Chinese culture?
  • Learn Chinese 2008 will help you enhance your fluency in Chinese and follow your progression :
  • Beginner : Focus on the most frequent characters
    Intermediate : Regularly Add words to your custom word lists to follow your progress
    Advanced : Find any character in the 25,000-word dictionary using the search engine

«« Some enthusiastic sinophiles »»

I am enjoying the programme and learning with great enjoyment. (...)
The new version is really the ultimate

Jan W., South Africa

Download the trial version and discover Learn Chinese 2008 for free !

Features Summary
Learn your personal word lists with educative games and quizzes
A text assistant allowing absolute beginners to start reading Chinese texts
A library system including the 400 most important characters and HSK lists
A dictionary including 25,000 words and 16,000 characters
Pinyin pronunciation for all characters (audio)
Character writing animation and quiz
Handwriting input : Find a character by drawing it with your mouse

   Latest News
August 26th 2008

Learn Chinese 2008 v6.1 now available!
This new version features a new quiz and the new WebSync tool (Learn Chinese on your mobile device)

June 26th 2008

Learn Chinese 2008 v6.0
Check the list of new features here.

April 27th 2007

Learn Chinese 2007 including new user interface and more features. Download it from here

April 9th 2006

Learn Chinese 2006 v5.0 is released! Check-out all the new features and download it for free